Wednesday, February 9

Time Won't Give Me Time...

Due to the tsunami of fan mail I received over the last few weeks, I thought it was about time for an update. Alot is going on these days, I don't even have enough time to get a much needed pedicure. But I digress. Here are some things that have happened (or are still happening) to me to me over the last few days:

1. My cold ended.
2. My nose is dry.
3. I have a small crush on one of my customers.
4. I am taking a course in food safty at the Department of Health on 100th street in Manhattan. Its alot like drivers ed. Sessions are held in a basement, and I have a very stern Croatian instructor. The course is five days long for 3 hours a day. I'm pretty close to killing myself.
5. Valentines Day is coming up, and we are trying to get things in order for the weekend. Its also our Open House this Saturday, and trying to get everything running smoothly for that is proving to be challenging.
6. We are postponing the launch of our lunch menu.
7. My brother lost my digital camera, so, until I get a new one, no new pix on this blog y'all.
8. We have new 'freshly baked' shirts in pink for the ladies!
9. My sister came to visit last weekend.
10. I am very tired.
11. Sven is going to Las Vegas for work over Vday weekend... Sad.
12. I miss listening to new music.
13. I miss having a day off.
14. I miss my friends.

Okay, thats all for now. Hopefully I will have a moment to breathe after this weekend and do a proper update...


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