Tuesday, February 15


Yesterday I met a woman who is opening up a coffeeshop pretty much EXACTLY where I wanted to open one up in Park Slope. I'm not jealous or anything, more power to her, actually. It just verifies my thought that that area really needed a coffeeshop. And the current coffeespot across the street from it (which is basically a front for a missionary church) just ain't cuttin' it from what I hear. I think this place (tentatively called 'Perch') will do quite well. What really amazed me was that she reminded me of myself just a mere 6 months ago... Kinda Naive and excited, not really knowing what insanities lie ahead. Hopefully, her opening wont be as painful as ours, but that remains to be seen- and I told her that I'd try to help her out in any way I can. I really can't see someone go thru what we went thru without trying to assuage the situation.


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