Wednesday, February 23

Bam Broon.

I'm by no means wealthy, but during these cold winter months, since it's too cold to take my scooter to work, and taking the bus is something I am not too fond of doing, I indulge by taking a car service to and fro. The car service rocks. Its not too pricey, they are almost dependable and they almost always know where I need to go when I call them in the morning. When I started using the service, I would get in the car, and say, very clearly and loudly (over the blaring spanish morning radio show 'El Vacilon') "Van Brunt Street... In Red Hook". About 90% of the time, they would either look in their rear view mirror, or just turn around with a quizzical look on their face. At first, I would repeat myself until they got it, I'd know this beacuse they would always say "Aaah, Bam Broon!" But now, I just say "Bam Broon" when I step into the car. It shaves off a few seconds of travel time.

Tuesday, February 15

Where all the cute boys at?

Jus' axin'.


Yesterday I met a woman who is opening up a coffeeshop pretty much EXACTLY where I wanted to open one up in Park Slope. I'm not jealous or anything, more power to her, actually. It just verifies my thought that that area really needed a coffeeshop. And the current coffeespot across the street from it (which is basically a front for a missionary church) just ain't cuttin' it from what I hear. I think this place (tentatively called 'Perch') will do quite well. What really amazed me was that she reminded me of myself just a mere 6 months ago... Kinda Naive and excited, not really knowing what insanities lie ahead. Hopefully, her opening wont be as painful as ours, but that remains to be seen- and I told her that I'd try to help her out in any way I can. I really can't see someone go thru what we went thru without trying to assuage the situation.


We were closed today because the building owners were doin' somethin' to the pipes in the basement. So, no water for us and a forced day off. WOOOOOOOO! Mamma got her nails did today and she did some food shoppin'. Life is good.


Still alot to think about in terms of the bakery. I know for sure I couldn't have done this alone.

Tomorrow: Start doing the books.

Friday, February 11


Passed my DOH class. 96%. Second one in the class to finish it too!

Thursday, February 10

What's That Sound?

What's going on in the world? I really have no clue anymore. For the past week, the only time I leave the bakery is to go to my Food Handling Class at the DOH on 100th street, which is basically going from bad to worse in terms of neighborhood activity. I sometimes feel so detached. I've never wanted more to go to a Virgin Megastore or Broadway & Lafayette during lunch hour or something. I want to see people!

I'm really wanting to buy the new Antony and the Johnsons CD. I'm thinking of music to play at the bakery, and how much I want to configure my ipod, but there is just never the time to do fun little things like that. Will I ever be able to do stuff like that again?


Also, on a little aside, I've decided that I am going to dress up as Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa) next halloween. I just have to get her voice down pat, and i'll be all set.

Swindled & Bamboozled.

Is it possible that I gave 20 dollars to a tiny old Italian man who came into the cafe saying he was my business partners grandfathers friend, and said he raced horses? Is it possible that he said he was going to play my 20 dollars on a horse named 'Lucky's Revenge' or something of that sort? Is it possible that he also said, after I handed him my 20, that he was going to give me an 'Italian Bank Roll' and double my winnings if I had any? Is it also possible that this happened on Monday and he said that he was going to come back on Wednesday for a cup of coffee and its now Friday and he still hasn't shown up?

Am I really this naive?

coffee control

After a bad couple of days with the Bunn machine, I think we have it all sorted out. Will know for sure tomorrow. And is it possible our coffee is better tasting than it was before? Am I right? Hello?

Wednesday, February 9

Time Won't Give Me Time...

Due to the tsunami of fan mail I received over the last few weeks, I thought it was about time for an update. Alot is going on these days, I don't even have enough time to get a much needed pedicure. But I digress. Here are some things that have happened (or are still happening) to me to me over the last few days:

1. My cold ended.
2. My nose is dry.
3. I have a small crush on one of my customers.
4. I am taking a course in food safty at the Department of Health on 100th street in Manhattan. Its alot like drivers ed. Sessions are held in a basement, and I have a very stern Croatian instructor. The course is five days long for 3 hours a day. I'm pretty close to killing myself.
5. Valentines Day is coming up, and we are trying to get things in order for the weekend. Its also our Open House this Saturday, and trying to get everything running smoothly for that is proving to be challenging.
6. We are postponing the launch of our lunch menu.
7. My brother lost my digital camera, so, until I get a new one, no new pix on this blog y'all.
8. We have new 'freshly baked' shirts in pink for the ladies!
9. My sister came to visit last weekend.
10. I am very tired.
11. Sven is going to Las Vegas for work over Vday weekend... Sad.
12. I miss listening to new music.
13. I miss having a day off.
14. I miss my friends.

Okay, thats all for now. Hopefully I will have a moment to breathe after this weekend and do a proper update...