Sunday, January 2

Sunday Sunday...

Some more finishing touches are happening today. I'm doing a little office work while the guys are cementing up the front and doing some additional caulking/sealing/what have you. Last night, I was looking around and was just so amazed with how far we have come. To see the changes from when I first saw this place to today... it's an altogether different thing. Just so you know, this place used to be a church... One of those "Iglesia de la Maria Pentacostal..." kind of churches. Then we gutted it out. Then it looked like an Iraqi cave. Now it looks sorta like a Louis XVI ski lodge. Go figure. Apparently, before the church, it was a video store, and prior to that, a dance hall of some kind, it was also a grocery store.

We are on our 7th month since this all started. It has been a long road. We are almost at the finish line. Or is it the starting line?

Tomorrow should be a busy day. Painters, electricians, espresso machine install...

This is what the place looked like in August once it was gutted out. I'll see if i can get any of the shots of when we first saw it.


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