Wednesday, January 5

Rice Pudding.

These People can bite my ass. After alot of hopeful and wishful thinking, reality came screaming into the bakery today in the form of the Dept. of Buildings. As much as I thought we wouldnt pass inspection, I had a slight feeling that we would. We did not get our permit because we had three gas pipes (that were capped off and LOCKED, mind you) that were not connected to actual appliances.

Thats it.

However, the inspector suggested that we can attach anything to them and we would be approved. Any appliance that requires a gas line, of course. OR we can bust into the wall and totally eliminate the pipes. This would all have to be done by Monday, which is our Dept. of Health inspection. We opted for finding a cheap appliance that uses gas and wouldn't involve adding another hood or a grease trap, etc...

Rice cookers.

Huge, industrial, gas powered rice cookers. Three of them. They arrive tomorrow.

Mike the plumber comes back tomorrow to hook them up, and then we have a plumbing re-inspection on Saturday.

What happened to the days where you could just grease a few palms and everything would be approved and signed off on?


We decided to return our club chairs to ABC. They were just too big for the space. We will see if we find anything else by Monday...

We got the glass replaced for the front window.

We also got our new table legs sent off to be powder coated.

Melanie came in today and was a huge help, she set up most of the kitchen and got rid of alot of the garbage that was floating around.

Aside from the mania, the space is looking pretty fantastic. We are still on schedule for a Wednesday opening. Its going to be a whopper. A big, juicy, whopper.


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Yay! Rice puddin'!

January 6, 2005 at 10:09 AM  

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