Saturday, January 8


We were approved by the Dept. of Buildings. We need to get our paperwork finalized, but I think we are in the clear as far as the gas situation goes. Until tomorrow at least, but more on that later. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

I was visibly shaken when the inspector arrived. I just couldn't handle any more bad news. When I found out we were approved, I really didn't believe it. I felt like it was a mistake. How could we have been approved, when nothing has gone our way yet? Was it because Melanie was playing raggae music on the stereo system, and the inspector was Jamacian, and he and Melanie were talking about classic danceahall bands? Was it because we were the inspectors last appointment of the day and he was too tired to fill out the paperwork to not pass us? Whatever the case, we passed, and I couldn't have been more greatful.

The rest of the day brought a few more pleasant surprises... Mike the plumber turned the gas on so we could finally have hot water, we were listed fourth in the Rosengarten Report for Best Chocolate Desert in the US (the spicy brownie) and we found the perfect sized club chair for the space at the Door Store. Who knew? Finally, New York Magazine came by to shoot our cakes! Looks like we will be in the Jan. 22 issue!


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