Saturday, January 8

Mini Heart Attacks.

I think my plumber, my architect and Keyspan are in cahoots and trying to kill me.

I feel like I'm in a movie. The way things are unfolding are so clockwork, it seems that there is a higher power overseeing it all... making sure the drama is at fever pitch and there is never a dull moment. Maybe its Jerry Bruckheimer.

The architect is dealing with the city, allegedly trying to file the revised plans, and for some reason, it is taking an infinity.
We obvioulsy need the approved plans and revised Schedule B to get the final permit for plumbing and gas, and our inspection is today at one. This obviously isn't going to happen.
The plumber calls me yesterday in a panic telling me that Keysoan got in touch with him telling him that they were upgrading the gas on Monday morning at 7:30am. If we don't have our 'Blue Card' (which we do not, since we would need approved, finalized plans for that) they will put a lock on the gas and not turn it on until we have the blue card. This process can take about two weeks from this point. So, even if we turned on the gas today, it would promptly be shut off on Monday morning.

Stay tuned to see what develops...

Oh yeah, NY magazine is coming today. This would be a very exciting thing if I weren't so very stressed.


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